Let’s schedule consistency

Anna Elliott, Editorialist

Every year, there has been a different schedule. This has long irritated students and staff alike. “Why can’t there just be one schedule that’s used every year?” asked junior Tori Wells.

There’s staff and students that have complained about the schedule this year saying it’s too confusing, classes are too long, and they never know when the classes start or end. It’s November and the students and some teachers still don’t know when the start and end times are for class, which is said to be “frustrating” by many teachers.  

The administration changed the schedule to be the way it is now because of the new school year. “Teachers review the schedule each year and approve it,” said principal Mr. Jeff Cranson.

The underclassmen and teachers are hoping this schedule will stick for a couple years, since a new schedule every year is said to be confusing, but there are things that the administration needs to take into consideration for the year. Senior Counselor Ms. Deli Sambur said, “There are a few things we need to take into consideration when we create the schedule, such as student seat-time, functionality of the building, number of hours in the schedule, etc.”

Having a normal schedule would be better for the students and staff because they’ll know when classes start and end. The classes also wouldn’t be as long as they are now because all classes would be done in one day, everyday. The schedule we have now is not ideal, but most are hoping they’ll change it to a better schedule.