203 students recognized at first Honors Breakfast in new building

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

On November 14, Greeley West held the first Honors Breakfast of the year in the new building. There were many students from all grades that attended for their good grades. 203 students were recognized for their academic performance from last year. 

Many students that attended the breakfast enjoyed it because they were finally recognized for how well they’re doing in school. Staff and administrators came together to make this happen for the students which many were grateful for. “It was great,” Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson said, “We honored 203 students. The catering class made breakfast for students, parents, and teachers.”

With as many students that showed up, there were some positives but also some negatives that came with the event. This was the first year in the new building where this breakfast was held so most consider it to be a learning process to make it better for next year. “The food was very good but the line was pretty long,” said Senior Ralisha Anderson, “and I know there were multiple people that didn’t get their letters that day, so that was frustrating. Overall, it was good, but I think it could have been better organized.”

With students, parents and teachers attending that breakfast, “we served over 500 breakfasts and got students their certificates and/or academic letters for honor roll,” Cranson said.

Administration is hoping there’ll be even more students that’ll be on the honor roll and for the event to be more organized with every student getting their certificates and/or letters.