Administrators contemplate banning gum to preserve new building

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

Ever since the new Greeley West has opened, there has been gum all over the sidewalks at the entrances of the school. The chewed up gum spit on the sidewalks has been increasing since the beginning of the year, something the administration wants to stop. 

The gum on the sidewalk is becoming so problematic the administration is considering banning gum from school. Many students have been appalled by what’s been said. “The gum is a problem, it makes the school look bad and it’s very difficult to clean,” Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson expressed, “If it gets worse, I might have to ban it.”

Many agree with that statement because, as the gum becomes more prominent, students have said the building is starting to look dirty. Staff and students don’t want this brand new building to look dirty, especially since this is only the first year in it.

Senior Allison Malson has been going to Greeley West for the past four years and has expressed that there has never been this much gum on the sidewalks outside of school. “There is a ton of chewed up gum on the sidewalks,” Allison said, “It’s sad that people are already doing this to our new school but I definitely don’t think it should be banned.”

Now that it’s getting colder, the gum is even more difficult to get off the sidewalks since it’s now becoming frozen to the ground. This can lead to the gum rotting on the sidewalk. “The gum turns into those little black spots and it makes the school look bad,” Allison said, “Stop spitting your gum onto the sidewalk or street, just spit it into a trashcan or throw it away with your food wrapper. Be mature.”

Administration and students are hoping people will be responsible enough for this gum problem to deescalate, so that gum won’t be banned and the school will continue to look nice.