Students scramble to bring their Fs up as end of semester approaches

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

The semester is ending which means that students are worried about their grades because they’re failing and they don’t have much time to get their grades up. A few students in all grades have Fs in classes which is a problem for them and even their teachers.

When looking at the data, 20% of the grades at Greeley West are Fs.  This is quite a high number when there’s tutoring after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturday school most every week. The students can take advantage of this time to get the extra help they need if they’re struggling in a class. Staff, administrators and even students believe there’s no reason for some to be failing when they have so many resources for the extra help. 

There are upperclassmen that believe their easiest years were freshman and sophomore year.   “There’s no reason for underclassmen to be failing so many classes when those are the easiest years,” said senior Janessa Yurkovich.

Each teacher has a different deadline for when missing work can be turned in.  Usually, those dates are today or next Friday. Some students are working hard to get all their missing work turned in before it’s too late so they can actually pass that class. Usually around this time of year, the fail rate typically drops by 5% with the students trying to get their grades up.

Although the fail rate is somewhat high, it’s around the same as the past couple of years. Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson said, “The rate is higher than some years, lower than some years. But if we do drop to a 17% F rate, it will be the same as first semester last year and right at the average per semester for the past 12 years.”