Counseling office provides resources for students in need

Malea Cuevas, Staff Writer

Schools everywhere have programs to help students and better the school environment. The 21st Century Grants Program is a very big one and it helps students in time out of school with fundings to help provide advanced services and opportunities.

 At Greeley West High School, they use it as an after school program that helps fund their medical club, the student tutors and most importantly their new personal student pantry. Just recently West had a “Hygiene Drive” organized by agriculture teacher, Ms. Samantha Pierce. Students were encouraged to bring in items like shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes, etc.

 Another staff member that helps run the pantry, Ms. Marlene Rich, who is a part of the counseling office and the counselor for the class of 2026, says that even though the pantry is not open yet, it has been something she has always wanted to do. 

Rich also said that even though it isn’t ready for use, students are always welcome and strongly encouraged to ask for resources and help at any time. She says, “ it isn’t up and running yet, however I do want to say that if students need something they should reach out to their counselor. We have supplies, we have community resources.”

Rich added,  “Even though we don’t have a set place for a pantry right now, we want to make sure that kids have everything they need.”

Lastly, Rich says that one thing she really wants kids to be aware of is that if they need anything from food to hygiene care and anything in general, students are welcome to ask the counseling office, and that “ the counseling office is here to meet not just educational needs but definitely personal needs.”