STUCO hosts Greeley Rotary Club for end-of-semester tour


Joel Soto

Senior Averie Loma points out the significance of the old Spartan logo in the hallways during a tour for Rotary members on Wednesday.

Joel Soto, Staff Writer

As students end the first semester of school with a blue print of the new Greeley West building in their heads, community members are still getting their first look at it.  The most recent community tour was hosted by the Student Council for the Greeley Rotary Club.  STUCO took them through what one tourist called the “ginormous building” during student make-up time on Wednesday.  

Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson said Greeley West is still hosting tours all the time, but most people don’t even reliaze it.  This tour was unique because it was on a school day and students were directly involved.  What is the Rotary club? They are an organization that provides help and service to other.  They are particularly interested in educational opportunities.  The Rotary Club has lunch meetings where they like to all meet and this time it was at West. This meeting of theirs was a little bigger than usual. They all were excited to get to tour the school. “We have about 50 members in the club but only about half of those who show to the meeting. This time all of our members showed up anxious,” one of the member stated.  

Jeff Cranson thought it was a great idea to have the STUCO students lead the tours. He believed the important part of this idea was so the adults and students could connect through the community. Teacher Ms. Lea Sanford seconded this. “Our student leaders are exactly the group that we want working with community members to show off our school,” Sanford said.

Giving tours gives the community positive ideas about the school and Cranson wants West to be known for doing positive things.  “The West building is the jewel of the city and the kids represented our school in a positive way which is what we’re all about.”  Cranson added.