Student Council prepares second semester shenanigans

Monte Finley, Staff Writer

With students returning to school for the new semester, the Student Council is already hard at work setting up events to cut the droll from school life. From this week to April, this semester is full of activities.

The pep assembly today is is first among the excitement, celebrating winter sports such as swimming, basketball, Poms, cheer, unified sports, and the newest addition, girls wrestling. Greeley West will also be celebrating and promoting their long-awaited production of Matilda and the results of last year’s NHS Coat Drive.

Next month, Student Council plans to continue last year’s Black History Month celebrations with music every morning and a special celebration – stay tuned. They are also planning on holding Share the Love week the week of Valentine’s Day. More information is coming soon.

Smaller events are also being planned, such as College and Career Week, where seniors will be encouraged to look into their future prospects while the rest of the school takes the SAT and PSAT. Spirit weeks are also being prepared.

There are also events not related to students, such as Board Member Appreciation Month, happening right now, where Student Council celebrated the work of the school board with thank-you cards and gift baskets.