Sophomores are being rewarded for our sense of responsibility


Vanessa Chavez

Underclassmen rush to get their lunch on Friday.

Vanessa Chavez, Editorialist

Off campus lunch for sophomores at Greeley West High School start next month February 7th. The eligibility to be able to leave is passing all of your classes. As a sophomore at West, I can say that I am very excited to be given the privilege, as I’m sure the majority of sophomores are.

This policy will reduce crowding in the cafeteria, making it less chaotic. There will be more seats for students who can’t, or don’t, go off campus. It’ll be easier and faster for students to get lunch and sit. There will be less trash and less lunch trays to clean up after every lunch, making it easier on the staff. The bathrooms won’t need as much monitoring because fewer students would be in there. And maybe without so many people, they might let students eat in the donut again. 

Last year as freshmen we didn’t make the best decisions, but high school is for growing and learning. From freshman year to sophomore year there is a lot of growth, because as a sophomore you’ve gained high school experience and know what to expect. I know the majority of the sophomores will be able to handle it, and for the ones who can’t it’ll show in their grades. The sophomores who want to go off campus will earn the opportunity. 

Overall, it’s up to us sophomore students to maintain this opportunity and to show personal growth from last year. I hope that we will be able to keep this privilege to the end of the year and the sophomores can keep it next year as well. I have faith that we will be able to pull through and so do the staff, otherwise they never would have given us the chance.