Pep assembly gives chance for students to show school spirit


Gage Martinez

The cast of Matilda performs a song during the pep assembly on January 13.

Alan Lozano Munoz, Staff Writer

Coming back from the break, Greeley West High School held one of their pep assemblies. This happened just before the Spartans took on Greeley Central in their basketball rivalry game next Tuesday. 

Student body President Samirah Providence felt like the assembly was well-rounded, saying “It exceeded my expectations, and I was very happy with all of the participation from the whole school.”

The assembly had many things to offer, including games for students, live performances and the National Honor Society Coat Drive pie in the face. 

The assembly gave shout-outs to people who show great Spartan pride, from people who are about to win full-ride scholarships all the way to people who made all-state choir.

Senior Basketball Captain Skyler Propes was a host for one of the games held and, having the spotlight, was able to announce to the school about the rival game coming up next Tuesday, saying “Being on the spotlight was very nerve racking, but I was happy to promote and spread the word about the rival game against Central that is coming up.”

Senior Alexa Menchaca said “It was a very fun assembly and I enjoyed seeing the different activities. It showed the diversity that we have at Greeley West High School.”