Who is Tito Salcido?

Who is Tito Salcido?

Cole Bartels, Staff Writer

Name: Tito Salcito

Year: Senior

What are you thinking about for your future: I want to go on to college  and play Sunday League soccer with my friends.

Where do you work:  I don’t currently have a job.

What’s your daily routine:  I first wake up and shower, eat breakfast, go to school, go to bed and repeat.

Most essential habit:  My morning shower really just wakes me up and gets my day started.

Favorite Time waster: I play too many video games, like Roblox, and cool math games on my PC.

Sleep schedule: I go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 7.

How will I know I am successful: When I have no struggles, or stress, and am happy.