Youngsters enjoy Pee Wee Clinic


Photo Courtesy of Brodie Subia

The Greeley West cheerleaders practice with their younger counterparts.

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

On Saturday January 28, the Greeley West Cheerleaders held a Pee Wee clinic and a performance. There were around 60 kids, ages from 4-12, that were at the clinic and performance. Each kid had so much fun while they were at West for the day, learning a dance and a cheer to show their parents and the crowd from Greeley and Centaurus High School. 

The clinic was held in the aux gym from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. where every one of the pee wees were having fun and learning from the cheerleaders. Then the performance was during halftime of the boys basketball game around 7:40 where everyone loved the kids. Before the pee wees showed up, the cheerleaders were at school at 10 a.m. getting everything set up and in place before the clinic happens. 

During the clinic, the kids got pizza to keep their energy up before they learned the cheer and stunted for their parents. They really enjoyed seeing everything happen so fast. Once the clinic was over, the cheerleaders cleaned up and waited for the games to start to do the pee wee performance for the crowd. The performance took place during halftime of the boys basketball game where everyone was in awe of the pee wees. 

The Cheerleaders, cheer coach Brodie Subia, and assistant coach Evelin Javalera worked very hard to get that done for the kids and are always so happy to be able to do that for the kids and parents. Veteran, Janessa Yurkovich was very happy to do pee wee one last time as a senior. “It was nice being able to do this for the little ones one more time before I graduate, teaching the kids a dance and a cheer is one of my favorite things to do as a cheerleader,” Yurkovich said.

Spartans coach Brodie Subia loves hosting the clinics and the performance, but it is quite stressful for him since he has to plan out everything. In the end, he thinks it is worth it. Pee Wee clinics and performances usually happen twice a year for the football season and the basketball season. More and more kids are attending because it’s always enjoyable for the students, kids, and parents that see everything happen.