Poms spend week in Florida for Nationals


Greeley West Poms celebrate making nationals at the ESPN Sports Complex

Alan Lozano Munoz, Staff Writer

Greeley West’s very own Poms team attended their annual nationals competition this past weekend hosted in Orlando, Florida. Poms competed in 2 events, those being small varsity hip hop and small varsity jazz. Both performances consisted of many great moments.

This isn’t the only year the team is going to be together, the team is compiled of freshmen and sophomores so they are bound to only get better for the next couple years. Sophomore Captain Gabi Frost said, “Although it’s been a huge struggle to have only underclassmen, it can be a blessing because we have more time to grow together and it makes a much closer bonded team. Next year we will all be older and more ready.” 

Poms have been preparing for nationals since with their new coach. Poms got a new coach in December, which was mid-season. They prepared for nationals to compete at their best ability. member of the Poms team Adysen Lee stated “We improved a lot by getting a new coach, and just our ability to work together got better throughout time.” 

The team didn’t end up making it far in competition, but with the team only being underclassmen there are high hopes for the teams to excel in the upcoming year. Frost said “I love the girls I get to be on a team with, and I’m so excited to spend time with them while improving our dance and killing it at nationals next year.”