Social Studies teacher pull fun prank on sleeping student

Alan Lozano Munoz, Staff Writer

Last week at Greeley West High School during its normal gold day, in one particular class something unusual occurred. A student fell asleep while Mr. Taylor Juarez was giving his class a lecture on Sociology. While Juarez was teaching, he had caught onto the student sleeping and he tried waking her up but the student wouldn’t budge at all and just kept on sleeping. 

As a teacher, the goal is to make sure the students are engaged, but at times it’s harder than usual when the student won’t comply.  Juarez said, “Well when students continuously fall asleep I try to wake them up and get them back on track and get them to work, but this particular student had fallen asleep everyday for the past week.”

This then gave Juarez the idea of pranking the student with the help of Mr.Cody Jiru. He had his students move to Mr. Stephen Paulson’s room while he left the student sleeping in the room with the lights off and the door closed. Setting up a scene where she would wake up out of shock and be lost on what’s going on in an empty room. 

Juarez said, “I tried to wake her up but she didn’t wake up so that was when Jiru cameand said, ‘Let’s play a prank on her’.” 

The prank also has a lesson for other students in his class to ensure that no other students fall asleep in class unless they want a prank pulled on them as well. 

Juarez said, “I do think this was helpful because when the student woke up she was kind of freaked out and she didn’t know where she was. So maybe that will be a lesson, like hey who knows what they will do next time I fall asleep.”