P.E. Department works on adding Lifetime Sports class

Alejandro Verdugo, Staff Writer

Lifetime Sports was a class offered at Greeley West before Head Boys Golf Coach Mr. A.J. Johnson began teaching. It was a class that taught students how to play golf, tennis, and bowling.

With the new opening of the school this last year, there have been many opportunities for teachers to offer new courses here at West, and Johnson is aiming to bring back the class with a twist. He, along with other PE teachers around the district, is looking to take out the tennis portion and add hiking along with orienteering. 

The class is currently in the process of being approved by the school district. There is still a curriculum being built for the class according to Johnson. He is hoping to have the class be a course offering by the 2024-25 school year. Johnson says, “I would be the one pushing to teach the class here at West. I’ve always had a passion for golf since I was one.” 

The class can help students get out of their comfort zone, while also teaching them life lessons through sports. “We want to provide another option for students to fill their graduation requirement in PE in the form of a class that is new and different than what we currently offer,” says Johnson. 

This class can also help players at West recruit students to play golf or unified bowling. Junior Jace Lowery says, “It would be great seeing kids who don’t have the opportunity to golf as it could potentially bring new golfers to the team.”

This class would offer many field trips to local places like Highland Hills golf course, Highland Lanes bowling alley, and the Poudre Learning Center to work on Orienteering and hiking skills. “I’m working with local businesses to help boost interest in their business by helping our program provide opportunities for students,” Johnson stated.

Senior Logan Luther’s only issue with the class is that it didn’t come soon enough. “The class would allow for practice during school while also providing off-season work… It was a missed opportunity not having this class to better prepare for the golf season,” Luther said.