New coach, new optimism, new season starts for baseball team tomorrow

Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

With the spring season coming upon, so comes a new set of sports, including baseball. Greeley West is hitting the cages and getting warmed up for the upcoming season. Not only have the players changed, but the addition of a new coach ensures a whole new version of The Spartans baseball team. The Spartans had ten seniors last year, meaning a whole new team, allowing the coaches to completely rebuild from the ground up. 

Mr. Jim Jorgenson, the new coach of the baseball team, who is an alumnus and a former Spartan baseball player as well, is excited for this opportunity to coach and be a part of the team. Jorgenson said, “To be able to come back and coach at Greeley West has always been my dream. I’m excited to be a part of Spartan baseball once again.” 

With having a new coach, people like to say they are going to change everything about the program. However Jorgenson has another idea. “We are not trying to start a new phase or ‘change the culture’ of the program,” Jorgenson said. “I think you have to be very careful when you take over a program and say you are going to change the culture. Without being here the last year or previous years, I don’t know what the culture was. I’m only concerned about what we do as a team going forward.”

Jorgenson wants his players to know baseball is a team sport and not just about individual success. Jorgenson said,  “The culture we will have is that we will play as a team. We will play for the other members of the team and we will never be concerned with individual accomplishments.” 

Junior outfielder Jacob Flores is excited for the spring season. He notices the talent around him and is only focused on playing the season with his teammates. Flores said, “We have the experience, we just need to find the flow of the game more. Adapting to the game is knowing when a certain situation comes and how to react to it. Since I am an upperclassman I need to be good on and off the field.”

Junior first-baseman Cooper Smith is ready to play ball with his teammates. Smith said, “With the new coach and new version of the team, I am ready for what the season has to offer. I heard our goal for this season was seven wins, but I am looking for nine.”

The Spartans begin their season tomorrow afternoon at Skyview High School with a nonleague matchup.