A new form of Spring ‘Training’


Photo Courtesy of Anonymous Baseball Player who doesn't want to run at practice

Greeley West baseball coach Jim Jorgensen rests his eyes on the train ride from Denver to Grand Junction last week.

Alejandro Verdugo, Staff Writer

Greeley West’s baseball team kicked their Spring Break off with a “fun” train ride from Denver to Grand Junction. 

The boys had to meet at the school by 6 a.m. last Thursday morning, where a school bus was waiting to take them to Union Station in Denver. The train the boys took is called the California Zephyr which travels from Los Angeles to Chicago.  

The train was delayed an hour upon arriving at Union Station. After waiting about half an hour at the train station, the train finally got moving.

The players were welcomed with reclining chairs with outlets next to the chairs. There were also different carts such as a food cart that served food and snacks. There was also an observatory cart where you could take pictures of the scenic views of the Rockies.  

The train had multiple stops along the way to Grand Junction, including one at Winter Park before heading towards Granby for another stop. The train had one more stop at Glenwood Springs before finally heading toward Grand Junction.

 At this point, the players had been on the train for nine hours. Shortly after taking off from Glenwood Springs, the train had to stop once more for 30 minutes due to the traffic on the railroad track ahead.     

Finally, after 11 hours on the train, the boys finally arrived in Grand Junction at 7 p.m. All of the players were exhausted by the end of it but were thankful to have made it safely. 

It was every player’s first time being on a train. “It was fun being with the team cracking jokes, but the duration of the train ride was what killed me,” said junior Jacob Flores.

Senior Logan Luther said, “The views were nice for my first time on a train but I’d much rather take a car.”