Peach Fuzz volleyball makes its return tomorrow night

Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

The Greeley West Student Council has set up the annual Peach Fuzz volleyball game for tomorrow in the school gym at 6pm. The game is composed of twelve players from each grade level to compete in a tournament style to see which class has the better men’s volleyball team. 

Senior Mario Sanez is ready to compete and represent his senior class against the other classes. Sanez said, “I am really confident for this year’s Peach Fuzz.  It’s looking like we got a well rounded team. Especially with the help of Martin (Uribe, the only actual volleyball player). He is going to make us even stronger by helping everyone out with his skills.”

Junior class coach Cody Jiru is confident with his coaching ability and has faith in his junior players. Jiru said, “I feel like we are going to win, cause I love the juniors. They are going to play hard and we dem boyz.”

Jiru also added, “ We are going to whoop on the freshmen if they actually get a team together. It is going to be tough to beat the seniors, Martin is a stud. But if we do feed him some Taco Bell before the game, he might have some personal experience where he might not be able to play some volleyball.”

Senior Uribe is ready to compete against the other classes in volleyball and to be crowned this year’s Peach Fuzz champions. “I’m excited for this year’s Peach Fuzz. Since I do play on the volleyball team, I feel like my experience will help and improve everyone around me,” Uribe said, “ I’m ready to compete and win. I am looking forward to beating the other classes and to winning it all this year.”