Track athletes work to improve

Malea Cuevas, Staff Writer

It’s the time of year when the spring sports at Greeley West are starting back up, notably track. There are lots of track athletes this year that are doing great: junior Adam Baray, Freshman Cody Gesick, and Junior Korbin Waugh. Adam Baray says, “I broke my PR multiple times and made varsity.” 

Cody Gesick says that the season is going pretty well for him. Though he’s only ran in three out of five meets, he was proud to say that not only is he sitting at the fastest freshman in track for Greeley West, but is also the 15th fastest runner in the states as a freshman in the 800 meter.

Korbin Waugh says that the season is off to a good start and that he qualifies for state, being ranked 7th. He hopes to move even higher up in rankings. 

Baray and Gesick both agree that the community plays a big role in their joy for the sport. Waugh, however, had a different viewpoint, saying, “I like how competitive it is, and that it’s more of an individualistic sport.”

Gesick notes that for practice they usually have him doing sprints or runs around West Park, in order to prep for the meet itself. Gesick says, “Before my 800 [meter], I kind of have a ritual where I eat something chocolate. I’ve done it twice before and I happened to do very well both times.”

Waugh says that his practices also differ, but he usually has a routine of starting with warm-ups, working on his throws and then finishing with jumps or sprints. He prepares for meets, always making sure he has enough layers when it’s cold out and making sure he drinks plenty of water and a full stomach. 

Baray says that some days for practices are difficult, but others are easy and light. His routine for meets consists of packing the night before and focusing himself mentally.