All ID reprints face $5 charge due to administrative strain

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

At the beginning of the year, administrators told all students that they need to wear their school IDs at all times when they’re in the building. Right away, many students started losing their IDs or just forgot them at home so they always needed new ones. Principal Mr. Jeff Cranson stated, “We were not prepared for hundreds of students who were coming to school daily without their IDs.”

Since it was becoming a problem for most students, the administration stated that every student gets one new ID for free and every ID that’s needed after that will be charged $5. That did help the problem of students losing them or forgetting them, because no one wanted to pay for a new one. 

However even today, the school year is almost finished and students are still having issues with not having their IDs, “According to our nutrition services department, they served 600 lunches and 75% of students did not have their ID with them,” said Cranson.

With that, some have noticed that they’ve been charged for a new ID even though it was the first one that they needed a reprint of. At times, students that need a reprint of IDs when they come into school can’t get one because the printer can’t print anymore. This affects the students, as even the ones with good grades and attendance can’t leave for lunch, since the office can’t print any IDs for the students to scan and leave. Senior Allison Malson said, “It’s quite frustrating when you can’t leave for lunch because the office can’t print an ID, but students that shouldn’t be able to leave still leave anyway.”

Students will now be charged for every ID they have printed, even if it’s the first, because the administration can’t keep track of how many they print for each student. “We could not keep up with what students were printing their first ID for and which ones we were printing the second, third, fourth, et cetera,” said Cranson.

Since students have heard that, many, such as senior Ralisha Anderson, have asked, “Why did they say we could get our first reprinted ID for free if they couldn’t keep track of how many are printed for each student? They should’ve known that before saying we could get our first reprinted one free.”