New Greeley West administrators share enthusiasm for new positions

Monte Finley, Staff Writer

Greeley West’s new assistant principals have been announced. Joining the administration team will be Greeley West’s Dean of Students Mr. J.J. Behrens and IB Coordinator Ms. Bridget Koehler.  In addition, Mr. Kyle Appelhans, a science teacher from Platte Valley High School, will join the staff.  

Koehler’s vision for Greeley West as assistant principal is a simple one we can all get behind: to take the school to new heights, and improve on what we’ve already got. “My biggest goal is to work to support programs we know and love,” Koehler said. “I want to help build a school that students and staff are proud to be a part of.”

At the same time, Koehler hopes to stay connected with the students who make it all possible. “Leadership comes from a place of disposition,” explained Koehler. “But when issues arise you need to have a sense of empathy, and remember that students and staff are people just like yourself. Sometimes, people just need to be heard and respected.”

Behrens takes on the mantle of Athletics Director, with a sort of enthusiasm that only comes from one place. “I’m a Spartan, thick and thin. I’ve been coaching wrestling for twenty years, and now I have the opportunity to improve other programs too. I’m active with several community activities in Greeley and welcome being part of many more,” Behrens said.

But where students and teachers alike know Koehler and Behrens, Appelhans has no previous connection to Greeley West. This gives him the privilege of a blank slate, which he wishes to ensure gets painted in a good light. Appelhans said, “I’ll be here as early as possible everyday, and get comfortably situated with the admin. From there, I’ll quickly learn how to be a Spartan like everyone here. I want everybody to know that I’m here for them, and to see me as an administrator who cares.”

Appelhans wishes to work diligently to make sure no one gets neglected. “I’m here for three tiers. I’m here for the admins, to help them manage the many communities here at West and keep things moving smoothly. I’m here for the teachers, so they can continue to improve without having to worry about anything but the classroom, and I’m here for the students, so that they can accomplish their goals and get to where they want to be in life.”