Prom weekend has arrived

Alan Lozano Munoz, Staff Writer

The Greeley West High Schools Prom is happening on Saturday night. Prom is a formal dance for students to attend and have some fun. 

Senior Martin Uribe Federico is ready to get on the dance floor and have some fun for his last Prom at Greeley West. Urbibe said, “ It’s my last year at West so I’m hoping to have the best time at  Prom this year – get my groove on and have some fun with some friends for the last time.”

The night isn’t just about the dance. Some are more excited for the build up, taking pictures while they are nicely clothed in their formalwear and the attention others give them at dinner.  Uribe said, “Going out to eat, taking some flicks, and just hanging out with my friends during and after Prom is what I am hoping for it’ll be a great time ”

Prom this year will be hosted at Kimberly’s event center in downtown Greeley. Senior Jaqueline Madera stated, “ I’m excited for Prom because this is my first Prom and am just there for the experience on what it is going to be like. Especially knowing that I haven’t been to any Prom, I am definitely looking forward to it.”

Senior Alexa Mancha didn’t go last year.  “This will be the only Prom I am going to attend. So I have been looking forward to this since the beginning of the year. Really hoping it is going to be a fun time with my friends,” Mancha said.