AP and IB students work to overachieve during test week

Alejandro Verdugo, Staff Writer

With the month of April over, many Greeley West students see the light through the end of the tunnel as the end of the school year approaches. However, some students still have AP and IB tests coming up. These tests can determine some college credit for the future, so it is something to take seriously.

IB students need to pass these upcoming exams in order to get their IB Diploma, which shows them to be able to handle the rigorous program. Senior Pablo Herrera Ceja is coming into testing confident, saying, “I would consider myself a good test-taker. My test-taking strategies are definitely going to help.”

Senior Tito Salcido on the other hand is stressed out, saying, “The tests are going to be a really big factor for getting my IB Diploma. So it’s pretty nerve-wracking to take the test, but I know I will do well.”

Many students have been studying and preparing for their tests including Senior Logan Luther. “I’ve been studying with friends, going over reviews in class, and going over flashcards.” Luther said, “It’s also the 4th year I’ve been doing this, so it’s just another walk in the park.”

Junior Ethan Guest has his priorities straight, saying, “I’ve been making time to study to help make sure I get my key takeaways for test week. The teacher has also helped me learn shortcuts to help throughout the test.”