Four years of high school and it feels like I’m still reading a map

Four years of high school and it feels like Im still reading a map

Anna Elliott, Staff Writer

Time has gone by fast. I remember being a shy freshman trying to learn what hallways were which from the 100 hall to the 700 hall.  And how did outside classes work?  Now, I’m a senior in a new building and just learned how to navigate this new school and am getting ready to go to college (and do it all over again). 

My favorite year of high school was my freshman year. That year, my classes were so easy and I met so many new people, of which many were the wrong kind of people to be friends with. Now, I’m friends with people I never expected to be friends with and lost many friends that I didn’t expect to lose. 

Almost half of my high school career was taken by Covid-19. That effected me physically and mentally, but it has helped me become who I am today with all that I’ve learned and experienced.

Going back, I will always remember my first encounter with Mr. Brandon Torrez as a scared freshman. I was walking to my Geometry class and as I was walking, the bell rang for the announcements. I passed Mr. Torrez in the 400 hall as he was showing around the German exchange students and I heard him say, “Look at this ghetto student walking to class late.” I was so shocked and honestly embarrassed. So from then on, I tried my hardest to never go to class late because I didn’t want to deal with Mr. Torrez again, especially if it’s to his class. That’s right, I ended up taking Torrez’s classes twice – AP Stats and College Algebra.  I hope I didn’t let him down.  

I’ve grown a lot since my freshman year and I would like to thank every single one of my teachers from every year. They have taught me so much every year, academically and personally. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without any of them. They’ve inspired me to do better and keep pushing myself. 

It saddens me that this last week of school is my last week of spending time with all these teachers that have taught me so much. I will keep those lessons I’ve learned as I grow into an adult, going out in the real world. 

With that, I can’t imagine how life will be after this chapter of my life is over. I will forever miss the old West and every teacher I’ve had during all four years of my high school career.