A Wolfe on the prowl for recognition at the Spartan awards night

Alejandro Silva Rodelo, Staff Writer

In case you missed it, Greeley West had their awards night on Monday, May 8th. There was a high turnout of family and friends that came in to see their Spartans walk the auditorium stage as they were called up to receive their awards.

The awards night started with an awe-inspiring rendition of the song “Lovely Day” sung by our “award winning” staff choir. Of course the song was tweaked a bit to have the Greeley West flair mentioning things such as the transition from the old building to the new building, having Spartan pride, remembering if it’s a Gold or Blue Day, and  mentioning the race to beat the passing period bell.

The awards night was specially commemorated to bring the spotlight to the Spartans that have been academically exceptional throughout the year. Notable achievements were shown for student of the year in all the departments, academic athletes, scholarship winners, and many more.

The awards ceremony was going smooth, but there was one name that just wouldn’t stop showing up: Senior Kylee Wolfe. Wolfe is a 3 sport athlete competing in Soccer, Volleyball, and Basketball who has managed to keep her studies up, achieving a 4.7 GPA. The night of the ceremony she took the stage for being recognized as Female Athlete of the Year, an Honor Crest recipient, and getting the Boettcher Foundation and Daniel’s Fund scholarships.

Wolfe doesn’t regret playing three sports, although she wasn’t able to have fun teenage experiences. “I don’t regret the choices I made, because I enjoyed every minute of my time as a spartan at West,” Wolfe stated. “ My free time was very limited, but I was still able to make relationships with the teams, and enjoy my high school experience.”

Wolfe comments on how winning the Boettcher’s and Daniel’s scholarships made thinking about college easier.”The scholarships have definitely helped me the most, because it has opened the doors to the best journalism school in Colorado. I will be able to take on internships with the Ball Arena, study abroad, and enjoy a college experience without having to worry about money.”

Wolfe encourages the younger classes to start getting involved as soon as possible.”Your opportunities are endless, and the more you apply yourself, the more successful you will be.”