Senior advice: Change builds character


Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

As I am closing another chapter in my life, I reminisce and look at what I have been through for the past four years. These four years have gone in a flash, but looking back there are a ton of memories I am going to hold for the rest of my life. There have been many things that have been a roadblock in my high school career. Ssome can be related to COVID, while others were due to the fact that we built a new high school building.

Just think about it:  My freshman year got cut short due to the pandemic. My sophomore year, while Covid was still a hot topic, I was in a hybrid schooling system for the most of the year. Then my junior year I got released from school early due to the construction of the new building. My senior year was my first “normal” high school year and at the same time my last year in high school. 

Constantly having to adapt to each year’s new situations has taught me one thing that everyone should be able to understand: Change is okay and you should let it happen. Change happens for a reason.  Let it happen because it leads up to building character. There have been many occurrences where I had to be okay with change, from being used to learning in class to then learning on zoom. Or barely getting used to the old west building right in time need to learn my way around the new building.

Now, just as I am getting used to the new school building, I am now heading off to college. I can go on and on for days, but each topic would be a different scenario. So I am going to save the talk. I want to wrap my last article up with the following advice: change is good and happens for a reason. Change helps build character and makes you stronger. Don’t be afraid of change and instead invite it with open arms. You’ll never know until it happens.