Land of the Rising Sun #4: Rained Out

This is my picture of the Great Buddha of Kamakura.


This is my picture of the Great Buddha of Kamakura.

Alejandro Silva Rodelo, Staff Writer

Day 4 wasn’t as exciting as the last ones have been. We got rained out as a typhoon was passing by Japan.  Don’t worry, I’m safe.

The day started early as we checked out from our hotel in Tokyo. We had to say goodbye, unfortunately, to what I already deemed as my favorite part of the trip. We had to send our luggage to get shipped and then we were off to the bus ride down to Kamakura to see The Great Buddha. The Buddha itself was really big – as described – with the fitting name. The rain was pouring down, though, so we left early as we were getting splashed out. Thankfully, I was able to purchase the umbrella that I’m currently using.

We saw another shrine on this trip and the wind started to pick up. At this point of the day, I was getting bothered because it was hard to enjoy anything while getting soaked and in jeans. I definitely recommend wearing anything but jeans if you don’t want to get soaked. We were able to get lunch on our own out on the street and a few friends and I decided we were a bit homesick, so we decided to hit up a burger place near our area. At this point, we haven’t really done anything as much as the past few days. I wasn’t as distracted mentally, which led me to thinking about how much I actually miss my family. A huge part of this trip, I’ve felt incomplete because I don’t have my family to experience it with me. I was reassured by my parents that if they didn’t want me to go on this trip then they wouldn’t’ve let me go on the trip. For me at least the simple solution was to text my mom. The comfort I get from her is what really helped me go on this trip alone.

Let’s move on from the sob story.  We had a two hour trip ahead of us to reach Atami, where we are currently staying before we head to Kyoto. This is where it got crazy. Our bus driver, thankfully. was a real pro (which should be expected) and handled the situation perfectly as our trip under this typhoon had passed. The whole mountain ride was frightening to watch with this storm going on so I decided to nap through it.