Land of the Rising Sun #10: A special picture for a special trip

I recreated my brothers picture on my last day in Japan.

I recreated my brother’s picture on my last day in Japan.

Alejandro Silva Rodelo, Staff Writer

Day 10. The last day in Japan. Our trip to the Land of the Rising Sun has now finally concluded.

It was nice to recall how shy I was at the beginning of the trip, only talking to four people at the start. Now, I am able to say I’ve made more friends and was able to get even closer to the original four friends.

To kick off our last day, we visited Osaka Castle. The castle can be traced back to the 5th century, where it was used as a trading port for all the Asian countries. While at the castle, I was able to recreate a picture that my older brother took when he, too, visited the castle. We nearly had the same outfit at the same spot for both our pictures. Although I did want to recreate the picture in the same location, the outfit planning was completely coincidental and unintentional.

After the people that had a bit of money left over, we went back to Dotonbori to spend the last of our money as we headed to the airport. I used the time to get lunch and just take my last few pictures of the Japanese city skyline. At that point the “end of trip” sadness started hitting and I was a little bummed out but, the trip completely lived up to my expectations.

I’m currently home and well I wanted to thank those reading these updates of my trip. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do another one of these daily recaps for another trip but we’ll see.