Club hopes to help girls afford Homecoming dresses

Hailey Ortega, Staff Writer

FIDM Fashion Club is holding a dress/suit drive now thru the 1st of October. This is a chance for any teachers or students who have any dresses or suits to donate are welcomed.

This is the club’s first year doing this Homecoming clothing drive. This will allow the club as Mary Tori said, “Make girls feel better about themselves” and also get the chance to get a dress/suit at a lower price.

Teachers can also donate money. With the money members of the club will go out and purchase some dresses that can be sold at the drive. The money that the club makes will go to the club funds and be used for further activities.

The event will be held on October 1 in the lobby. Clothing will be sold from somewhere between $20-$40 depending on the style and quality of the dress.

Bring your dress/suits in now and make someone’s homecoming day as special as yours.