Three advanced music classes, no problems for Spartan senior

Gavonne Goodwin, Staff Writer

Senior Destiny Moreno has been involved with music ever since she was little and she never planned on stopping in high school. This year, she’s involved with all three advanced music classes: Spartones Jazz choir, chamber orchestra, and the advanced band.

She got into the advanced band first, her sophomore year and the year following she got into the chamber orchestra. She was lucky enough to join Spartones this year with her audition as she wasn’t in a choir class last year. She says she was most excited to join choir because she’s enjoyed singing and it’s been a passion of hers her entire life.

Moreno says that she enjoys each class because she enjoys watching the different ways that the teachers teach the students and how different each of them teach their classes. She takes the skills and information that she obtains from one class and uses them in her other classes. Though she joined orchestra before choir, it’s the most difficult for her. She’s better with rhythms than putting the notes to the instrument.

“You can have fun doing music but you need to be dedicated and put in the work. To make it fun, there has to be dedication and effort,” says Moreno.

Ms. Hannah Webster the Choir director, says that she is an accurate, articulate, and dedicated musician. Her position in the choir was determined by her audition and her status as a musician. Webster says she had a really great audition and that she’s well known around the music program as a great musician.

“She’s fearless and is always willing to try new things,” says Webster. “On a scale of 1-10, she’s an 11 in regards to her leadership skills. She’s a silent leader but effective.”

Mr. Chet Arthur the band director, says that her musicianship is good and that she’s a silent leader. Being in the advanced band was determined on her audition as an incoming freshman and sometimes as a sophomore.

Mr. Tom Nugent the orchestra director, says that she’s well rounded and an awesome musician. He says that she’s a good, silent leader in her own way and that she goes about things herself. Nugent had her in middle school and saw the potential she carried and looked like she was enjoying herself. After freshman year, it became evident that she was ready to go.

“She gets things done in a diligent way. She’s committed and reliable,” says Nugent.

Moreno got into music mainly because she went to Chappelow K-8 Arts Magnet school, so she had been surrounded with arts and music since she was young. She full on started all three in 6th grade. Along the way, she got interested and invested, which made her passion grow. High school obviously isn’t just about the extracurricular, it’s also about academics. Moreno tries to even out her school work with her music. In the past, she put music higher than her academics, but this year she’s trying to find a balance point so she can do it all well. She definitely plans on continuing music in college and hopes to turn it into a career.