First assembly in new Clayton gymnasium energizes student spirit


Osborne Earl Smith

Teachers Mr. Paul Cherry and Mr. Brandon Torrez lead the sophomores during their class cheer at the assembly on Wednesday.

Dylan Gesick, Staff Writer

Today over 1700 students, staff and community members flooded into the new gym excited to have their first indoors Greeley West pep assembly in over two years. For many, it was their first time in the new building and the energy could be felt in the crowds. 

The assembly started off with opening videos showing Spartan excellence and pride. Then, the assembly continued with many thanks and applause for the community and people who have helped get the students at West the brand new school. The assembly continued by recognizing many students who showed Spartan Excellence and class chants.

Sophomore Logan Reynolds is hopeful for the future of West. “I feel more excited for the new building. It makes me excited for what is to come with my peers. It did make me more excited for future school events,” Reynolds said. 

Junior Logan Luther Is looking forward to future sports events. “It made me have high hopes for the future of West in terms of sports and school spirit, Juniors should have won the spirit stick, but seniority took over once again,” Luther said. 

Junior Tito Salcido is looking forward to being a leading class next year  “I feel like everyone’s spirit is so high now and we are closer now, we are all together,” Salcido said. “I’m ready for next year to help lead as a senior.”

Senior Zuzu Swapp felt bittersweet about the assembly. “I wasn’t mad about the new school until now, it makes me sad that is one of our last pep assemblies, we definitely led good as a class,” Swapp said. 

All students at the school today are energized and excited to be more of a connected student body and will now hopefully really know what it means to be a Spartan. Hopefully, this is going to bring us far. One for all, All for one, All for West!