New sidewalks increase snow removal workload for building maintenance team


Desmond Ramirez

Snow at the main entrance of Greeley West High School melted away today, but will pose a greater challenge to the custodial staff as temperatures drop and winter arrives.

Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

The first snow of the year is an exciting time to a lot of people around Greeley West.  Sledding, snowball fights, and of course slipping and sliding down the roads and in the parking lot.  

One group of people looking at snowfall a little bit differently this year is the Greeley West custodial staff, who now have about three times as much sidewalk space to clear with the new building’s construction.  

Building Manager Denise Tellez said that the new sidewalks will require changes for her staff, including getting to school earlier on days when it snows.  “There is now going to be a lot to do, Tellez said.  We do have to come in a lot earlier, about 5 o’clock in the morning.” 

Tellez’s staff is a small three-person crew and District 6 knows that it’s important to make sure staff and students’ paths to school are cleared.  “(We) are for sure looking out for the students and making sure getting to school on time is a priority and nothing stops them from learning,
Tellez said.  

Tellez also said that district crews will also be here to assist when major snow accumulation occurs.  In addition to new machines to help clear snow, Tellez said there is a plan for the outdoors..

With the outside taken care of, cleaning up indoors should be easier with students having just one entrance.  “The inside shouldn’t be hard at all. Maybe we just need to clean up the snow that’s brought inside, make sure it is mopped up and we put a wet sign out,” Tellez said.

For the custodians, it is just another year of snow, the new building doesn’t change anything. They are still going to do what needs to be done. “It is just a lot of work for us, but it should be easy to get done,” Tellez said.