Students found multiple ways to spend time during Winter Break

Gage Martinez, Staff Writer

With all of the students returning back to school and settling in after their two week winter break, there is no doubt that students have had a lot of exciting stuff to share with their friends.  So what kind of cool exciting gifts did students receive, and what happened on the time off from school?

During the day before Winter Break, there was an open mat for wrestling which students who were in wrestling were able to have a bit of fun before the holiday break. 

Teachers and students were a bit more relaxed during their finals as Christmas crept slower with each class. Afterwhich, students were released from school and had much to do as they left, such as seeing all of the Christmas lights that people have set up to help with the festive mood during the two weeks students had off.

Included with the decorations people set up all around Greeley, there was also the Holiday Parade that kicked off for people to attend.

On the topic with activities for people to attend during winter break, the Refuge Indoor Skatepark had a “free ride” session during New Years, going through 8:00 PM – 12:30 AM, which many students from different schools had met and spent some time there skating around with friends.

Lastly, during the winter break temperatures had dropped to, at the worst a very chilling -25° which would require for those having plans to leave their house to dress very warm during the winter season.