The art of a kind community

Art Club welcomes all

Gage Martinez, Staff Writer

As students start to get more comfortable with Greeley West as the school year goes on, they start to look for ways to express themselves and get more involved with the community at school. A good way many students have found to do this is with all the after school activities and clubs available for them to attend.

One of these clubs is the Art Club, which is run by art teachers Ms. Dawn Feinberg, Ms. Julie  Hagemeister, Ms Laura Knudsen, and Mr. Travis Krause. The Art Club is open to all students interested in all things related to art.  This includes learning how to make pottery by wheel throwing with clay, playing and trying out polaroid cameras, Tie-Dyeing T-Shirts, and creating Valentine’s Day cards. 

Students get to make all the artistic decisions.  If they would like to work on a personal project or an art project due in a class, they are more than welcome to show up for time to work on either. Many students show up to work on their own art projects and pieces which they are passionate about.

Some students may be afraid of showing up due to them not having much experience with art (or none at all), but they can feel a sense of ease as the Art Club is open to all levels of students with art. Regardless of a student’s experience, the club is focused on creating a safe place for students. Those that are well experienced and passionate with their art help provide the safe and welcoming environment for students that are new and interested in all the opportunities West has.

Around 5-25 students can show up at a given time the club meets, which is on Thursdays from  4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Some students listen to music as they work independently on their art while others work together in groups for a fun time whilst also making art, or learning how to use the pottery wheel. 

“We have had all levels of students attend – some students are in three of our classes and this is their happy place,” Hagemeister said. “Some students who have attended have never been through our hallway before. We are hoping to continue to provide a space for those that love art and want more time to work as well as a place where new students can see what else West has to offer.”