West students follow Nuggets progress in playoffs

Desmond Ramirez, Staff Writer

As Greeley West is based in Colorado, it is the norm for students to cheer on the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets are a part of the NBA, in which the team has just made the playoffs. Since the team is fairly close to West many students cheer for the team and have been watching the team as they grew up. It has been bound for students to show their love for the team by cheering them on. 

Senior Jose Roman has been a fan since he has been alive. He has been cheering the Nuggets on just for that chance to win a Championship.  “I am really excited about how the team is looking, especially in Game 1. They played like a team and we are healthy. So I am really excited for what’s in store for the series,” Roman said.  “In the first round, we could have finished it in four games. But it is what it is so it’s whatever we still got them in five.”

Senior Luis “Tito” Salcido has just started to become a Nuggets as he has been watching for the past couple years now and is excited to see what the Nuggets can do in the playoffs. Salcido said, “I think the Nuggets are ready now, Jokic is now fueled up. He now has a chip on his shoulder, he got his MVP stolen from him. He is going to win the ‘ship.” 

Senior Thomas Golian is uneasy about who can win the playoffs this year but has hopes for the Nuggets to make a run to win it all. Golian said, “I can see the Nuggets making a run. They do have the people to win a championship – of course beat the Suns. Then either the Warriors or Lakers then beat whoever wins out the East which I think the Celtics are going to win out the East . So it is going to be a lot of work for the Nuggets.”