Retiring math teacher ready to take Schott at vacations

Alan Lozano Munoz, Staff Writer

As the end of the year is approaching the finish line, some teachers have also made the finish line in their career. One of the Spartan teachers that is retiring from teaching is math teacher Ms. Shannon Schott.

Schott has been teaching at Greeley West for 16 years, starting in 2007. Before that she had taught for nine years at Brentwood Middle School.  Schott has put many vacation plans on hold and she quite couldn’t figure out when to do them because she would be teaching. Now, she can make those plans because she’s have the time. 

“I plan on traveling, getting outdoors more, reading more books, cooking more and just relaxing,” Schott said. “Not having to get up at a certain time and not having to decide what I am wearing or what I am bringing for lunch to work that day (will be great).”

Schott already knows where she wants to go and has some trips planned on for what she wants to do. 

Schott said, “ We do have several trips planned. Some to the mountains, some to the beach and the freedom to go when and where we want!”

Although Schott is already looking forward to the future, she also reminisces on what she has seen throughout her Greeley West career. As Schott looks back on what she has done, she loves that kids achieved when they didn’t believe they could. “Whenever I see a student have the self confidence to tackle a problem that they didn’t think they could do, (I’m proud).”