950 desserts contaminated in catering snafu

Samantha Cranford, Staff Fool

Today has been a pretty hectic day for the Greeley West catering community, as they were preparing for a big catering job. All the food science and baking classes pitched in to help them finish in a timely manner. They needed to make 400 chocolate chip cookies, 200 mini cheesecake bites and 350 blondies in the span of two days. The culinary classes were rushing and were so worried about meeting their deadline that they forgot their sanitizing protocols that they are required to follow for food safety. This left all 950 sweets contaminated and inedible. 

Senior Julissa Lozano decided to go against Ms. Brenda Guzman’s rules and taste test the mini cheesecake bites herself leaving her with the worst diarrhea of her life. She caught a case of Salmonella. “This is the worst stomach pain I have ever experienced,” Lozano stated. “I never want to even look at another piece of cheesecake again.”  

After doing a little investigating, Guzman tracked the problem down to one particular freshman class. Prior to working on the desserts, they were working with raw meats and did not wipe down their counters before the preparation of the cheesecake. “I have never had a class this incompetent in my entire life. I am disgusted and disappointed. My deepest apologies go out to Julissa and her family as she recovers from this infection,” Guzman said. 

Not only did a student get sick but the catering gig that the class contributes to every year for the NASA association dropped Greeley West off their list for good leaving all the students with a fat F on their assignments. Students are left sad and feeling defeated, Catering classes are going to have a hard time recovering from this one…