‘Songbird’ film shows future virus, resonates to today’s current events

Jasiah Lujan, Critic

The 2020 film Songbird, directed by Adam Mason, portrays a future point of view of the virus.

The movie starts out with the main character KJ Apa, who plays Nico, he is a “courier” which in their terms is a mailman. When watching the movie it gives off an unsettling feeling, because of the situation we are currently in. COVID-23 is the deadly virus they are facing. Each morning they are to take a temp check, which is when they hold their phones up to their faces and it scans to see if the virus has affected them. When affected by the virus, one is sent to the “Q – zone”, which they say stands for “quick death”. 

Being immune to the virus, Nico along with others who share immunity, wear a yellow bracelet that holds all their information. The main characters love interest, Sara, played by Sofia Carson is quarantined with her grandmother, Lita. Not being able to be near each other Nico and Sara Facetime continuously. Lita is soon affected by the virus causing Sara to panic, because they don’t have an immune bracelet. 

The movie has many different aspects to reality not just the thriller of the virus, but also the horrible truth of domestic violence. Bradley Whitford plays Mr. Griffin, a great actor overall. From one’s perspective his role could make someone’s stomach turn. The realness of the emotion brought from a movie is deep. The secrets that come out during the movie were shocking and well put together. 

Although there is no exact reasoning for the movie, it gives a conspiracy of what could happen if this were to continue to get worse.