Sappy holiday movie might give you spirit

Callie Pautler, Critic

It’s that time of year when Netflix has been coming out with Christmas movies. Princess Switch: Switched Again was a new offering this year. The movie was definitely nothing to write home about. 

Vanessa Hudgens portrays half of the characters in the movie. In the first movie, Vanessa starred as only two of the characters which switched places because they couldn’t stand their own lives, but they both end up being princesses so anything is possible. If you really think about it, this movie is a new Parent Trap. 

In the second movie the characters that Hudgens plays are Maragaret Delacourt, Stacey De Nova, and Fiona. So having three Vanessa Hugdens in the same movie was a complete overload. Maragret Delacourt is supposed to become queen, but at the same time she wants to fall in love so she switches places again with Stacy De Nova in order to take a break from her royal duties. At the same time though Lady Fiona who is the cousin of Margaret and looks exactly like her comes up with a plan to switch places with her cousin and become the queen. Switching again was definitely not the best plan in the world 

Not only was there too much of Vanessa Hudgens, but more time was put into the set, makeup and costume designing rather than the plot. So if a person wants to see nothing but Christmas decorations or needs inspiration for decorating then this movie is almost perfect.

Since it is the holidays, watching sappy movies like these are what make the holidays fun and interesting for families to enjoy together so you can’t miss it.